Benefits of SHR hair removal include a safe, effective method of laser hair removal that is provided in a quick and pain free experience. For one small body part SHR takes 5 to 15 minutes and a larger area can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes.

Introducing a NEW way of having SHR/IPL hair removal PAY once and get whole annual years worth of treatments.

Treatment areas include FACE, UNDERARMS, FULL BIKINI, FULL LEGS Up to 8 Sessions in 1 Annual year4-6 weeks apart….. £1200

Usually, 6 x treatments for the above would be over £2000 you are getting 8 treatments for one amazing annual price £1200

Patch test and full consultation required prior to treatments

To book for a free consultation and Patch Test Please go to the Online Booking page.

Pay as you go options

AREA 1: Smallest Area Options Upper Lip Chin Fingers Jaw Line Toes Side Burns Cheeks Mono Brow £40 per session per area £210 course of 6

AREA 2: Small Area Options Underarms, Standard Bikini Line, Stomach Line, Hand, Feet, Back of Neck, Forehead, £50 per session £270 course of 6

AREA 3: Medium area options Brazilian Bikini Line, Shoulders, Forearm, Buttocks, Upper Back, Lower Back, Abdomen
, Full Face, Upper Chest, £80 per session £420 course of 6

AREA 4: Medium to Large area options Full Arm, 1/2 Leg including Knee, Full Back, Hollywood Bikini £100 per session £510 course of 6

AREA 5: Large area options Full Leg, Full Back including shoulders, Full Chest(including Abdomen)
£150 per session £780 course of 6

To book for a free consultation and Patch Test Please go to the Online bookings page


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